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UCC29002: Difference between UCC29002DR and UCC29002DR/1

Part Number: UCC29002
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC39002,

Hi, TI expert.

Please tell me the difference between "UCC29002DR" and "UCC29002DR/1".

On the datasheet, UCC29002DR and UCC29002DR/1 are both the same as SOIC pakage, only the device marking is different, and there is no explanation for the other differences.

I tried searching for the difference in the question of E2E, but the answer is different.

The E2E answer below explained that it is a functional difference between Start-up and Adjust Logic in section 7.3.8, but if you look at section 7.3.8, UCC39002 has a function and UCC29002 and UCC29001 do not have a function. This doesn't seem to be it.

UCC29002: I want to know UCC29002DR and UCC29002DR/1 what are different ? - Power management forum - Power management - TI E2E support forums

Also, while answering that the E2E answer below is a difference in packaging, UCC29002-1 answered that it was VSSOP(8) and UCC29002 answered that it was a difference between SOIC(8).
However, if you look at the packing information of the datasheet above, UCC29002DR and UCC29002DR/1 are both SOIC(8).
So, the E2E answer below doesn't seem to be the right answer either.

UCC29002: difference between UCC29002DR and UCC29002DR/1 - Power management forum - Power management - TI E2E support forums

Can you tell me the exact difference between UCC29002DR and UCC29002DR/1?

It's the exact same device, but only the device marking is different?

If so, is there any reason to separate P/N?

Please confirm

  • Hello Lee,

    UCC29002DR and UCC29002DR/1 are not the same part.

    UCC29002DR is for UCC29002, and UCC29002DR/1 is for UCC29002-1.

    the difference between UCC29002 and UCC29002-1 already listed in the datasheet.(UCC29002-1 do not include Start up and Adjust Logic block and cause load sharing established more slowly While UCC29002 has the block. )

  • Hi, David

    First of all, thanks for your reply.

    According to the information on the datasheet, UCC29002DR and UCC29002DR/1 are both SOIC-8, but UCC29002DR/1 and UCC29002-1 have different packages.

    UCC29002DR/1 is said to be UCC29002-1, but as indicated on the datasheet, UCC29002DR/1 is SOIC-8 and UCC29002-1 is VSSOP-8. Packages are different.

    Are you saying that the same parts are correct?
    So, is the package information on the datasheet wrong?

  • Hi Lee,

    I already highlight that they are not the same part.

    please ignore the first page of the datasheet.

    or you can take special on below captured.