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TPS763: Rated at 150mA continuous current, can peak current exceed this?

Part Number: TPS763
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS63070

Due to supply issues with the TPS63070 we are trying to re-arrange an existing product to use an existing onboard TPS76301DBVT. Its rated at 150mA continuous. Our circuit draws a peak current of about 180mA for 50mS per second at 3.8V voltage output but the rest of the time is <5mA. Input voltage is 5.2 - 6.4V. 

Are we OK to use like this? We can't damage the device as its current limited (at about 0.8A). The graphs on P7 of datasheet shows a slight reduction of output voltage at 180mA.

We have tested it and it seems fine but its a bit unclear from the data sheet.

Thanks in advance


  • Hi Liam,

    So yes, the maximum rated conditions are 150mA as you stated, but pushing to 180mA at a 5% duty cycle should be fine. exceeding the 150mA continuously just means that we cannot guarantee that the part will consistently give datasheet operation. Exceeding the 150mA does not mean the part will be damaged, but it will lessen performance and therefore we cannot recommend any customers design around it outputting current at that volume consistently. There will be a drop in output voltage, as you saw from the datasheet, but if you can handle that voltage drop of 30-45mV with output cap sizing* or in any other way in your design, a 5% duty cycle should not damage the part.

    *Note: assure the esr of any output capacitor selections is within the stability region of the part (.3-10ohms), as this affects the control loop.

    Additionally, thermals is a big consideration on LDO's, and pushing 180mA at your in-out conditions pushes the part right up to the recommended thermal operating temp, but once again the low duty cycle, alongside low current in .95 of cycle, should alleviate those concerns,

    Hope this helps,