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TPS7A8300: TI/TPS7A8300ARGWR drop in replacement of TI/'TPS7A7200RGWR /TPS7A7200RGWR / TPS7A7200RGWT' , Risk assessment

Part Number: TPS7A8300

Short description: Risk assessment:  use TPS7A8300ARGWR for drop in replacement of 'TPS7A7200RGWR /TPS7A7200RGWR / TPS7A7200RGWT'

Provide case details or comments: To solve TI IC shortage problems, TI/TPS7A8300ARGWR is considered for replacement of TI/'TPS7A7200RGWR /TPS7A7200RGWR / TPS7A7200RGWT' in mass production. It is impossible to have enough time to test one by one where used products in mass production. Please help to analyze the  Risk assessment of such drop in replacement. Please also advise the test plans and test items for most critical compatibility check before apply the drop in replacement. If setting tuning in needed, please provide instructions.

  • Jeffrey,

    Please see inputs from team:

    Differences that Likely will cause problems:


    Internal reference is 0.5V on previous part, and .8V on new part, so they will need to account for that in FB divider or any-out config.


    Small differences that could cause problems depending on their use case:

    Pin 12 on old part is NC while on new part it is Bias pin, 10uF to use it, floating or grounded if not used, shouldn’t be a problem, just need to make sure they didn’t do anything weird with this pin.


    Line and Load regulation are a bit worse than the old part, so If they have tight tolerances on that, they would need to account for the change


    PG also trips at ~3% less so once again if they have tight tolerances they would need to account for the change


    Finally, FB pin has lower voltage rating on the new part, so be sure that they do not exceed this value


    Prakash L

  • Prakash L,

    Thank you for your valuable advice.

    Best regards,

    Jeffrey Zheng

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