[FAQ] Can the following chargers be used to charge smart batteries: BQ24715, BQ24725A, BQ24735, BQ24770, BQ24773, BQ24780S?

Can these chargers be used to charge smart batteries? Are they SBS 1.1 compliant?

  • Yes, these chargers can be used to charge smart batteries, but please note that there are a few features which are not fully implemented:

    • Our SMBus chargers are not fully SBS 1.1 (Smart Battery System 1.1) capable as a Level 2 charger. The ChargeCurrent() and ChargeVoltage() register addresses match the SBS spec, but our chargers do not have register 0x16 for the AlarmWarning(). In many applications, our SMBus chargers are paired with a TI battery gauge, which is SBS 1.1 compliant.  These gauges typically have a broadcast mode where they will communicate with our SMBus chargers and write to the ChargeCurrent() and ChargeVoltage() registers. Please refer to the following E2E thread for more discussion about this topic:


    • We currently do not have a charger in our portfolio that supports PEC (packet error checking). Please disable PEC from the smart battery's broadcasts to the charger.