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TPS63001: Repeated failure of TPS63001 regulator

Part Number: TPS63001

  •  Short description: repeated failure of TPS63001 



    We are using TPS63001DRCR regulator to power a STM 32 micro controller board off a Li-ion battery.

    The system is used for an IoT application, where it stays off for most of the time. Thus, no load operation is very important for us to minimize power.

    We test the system components one by one in isolation of other components

    Thus, we test the regulator separately at no load. The PS/SYNC pi is connected to input as shown in the  schematics shown below

    The regulator did repeatedly fail. Large input current is observed together with no output voltage regulation or very low output is observed.

    We tried to investigate the problem with TI WEBENCH. We are unable to simulate the circuit at no load case.

    My question is :
    1- What is the probable cause of this failure. We replaced regulator several times, Purchased the same component from different distributors, soldered the component manually and via a soldering oven using a PCB stencil board. All these trials were not successful.
    2- What is the proper boot sequence for this regulator. Should we switch load on first and then switch Vin on. If we need to switch load off while VIN is high, should we switch PS/SYNC low first?

  • Hi   serag,

           I really do not know what happened and there is no sepcific boot sequence for TPS63001.

           please show me more details in no load test, such as power supply source.

           I think you can find the impendence between VIN PIN to GND is much smaller than normal one,  am i right?

  • Dear Tao

    Thank you for your response.

    The power supply used for testing is Hameg HMP4030 tripple power supply.

    I am sorry for my belated reply. We found out that one of our engineers replaced, by mistake, the 10 uF capacitors at both the input and output sides with 0.01 uF capacitors. We corrected this error, but still the TPS63001 regulator is outputting ~ 0.6 V at no load test.  I also simulated the circuit on TI WEBENCH tool. The regulator works fine even with 0.01 uF capacitors !!

  • Hi Sereg,

      you are welcome.

      it seems two question:  1. IC damaged during test   2. ~0.6V output at no load test, am i right?

      For question1, what is input voltage during test and could you help to send me a picture(such as attached one) to  show me the test  conditon

      For question2, chip is a new one but not damaged?

      BTW  WEBENCH  is a ideal model if parasitic parameters is not added. so there will be some difference. please notice