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BQPRODUCTION: bqProduction skips srec programming with bq28z610-r1

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i tried to program bq28z610-R1 with bqProduction and connected HPA495.

  1. Select 26_1_01-bq28z610R1.bqz Container, no Calibrationen marked, select my .srec file with tick on Program Srec, marked Serial Number and Date.
  2. Save Configuration
  3. Configure VTI -> nothing to do, becaus of , just finish
  4. Start Test

Message shows:

  1. Powering up... (~2s)
  2. Verifing Device Version... (<0,5s)
  3. Programming Srec... (~4s)
  4. Calibrating... (~1s)
  5. Writing Serial No... (<0,5s)
  6. Writing Manufacturer Date... (<0,5s)
  7. Operation ecevuted successfully.

Result :

Nothing except of Serial No and Manufacturer Date was programmed.Yes - typically this process last 50...60sec.

Do you have an idea, why this programm skips Srec programming with a connected bq28Z610?

Thanks in advice!

  • Hello Martin, Based on your post information, Step 3 was programming srec and it took 4s. Why do you think the srec was not programmed?

  • After verification in bqStudio no parameters, chem id, ect. has changed from default to custom and according to experience a srec programming in bqProduction and bqStudio takes approx. 50sec.

  • Hello Martin,

    bqProduction programs only the data flash portion of the srec to reduce total programming time. Please make sure that you have a golden image srec selected and not the default srec.

  • i missclicked. this doesent resolved my issue. answer continued

  • For demonstartion i modified a default file with

    • CC Gain, Capacity Gain: 3.000
    • design capacity, ect.
    • manufacture date: 2021-7-27
    • manufacturer name: Custom

    programmed with default file i started bqProduction to demonstrate the handling

    Verify the parameters in bqStudio

    everything is default except manufacture date and serial number

  • Try selecting the "Program DF Image" instead of "Program Srec". Help files indicate that full srec programming is only supported for bq78350 which is a different installer.

  • DF Image is only Data Flash -> Data memory/Parameters, right? So i cant programm firmware update and chemistry file, right?

  • DF Image contains all programmable parameters including chemistry.

    Firmware update refers to programming a new version of firmware.Firmware update is not supported by bqProduction. 

  • Got Message: "ROM version is not supported by this tool. Please contact Texas Instruments to get an update."

  • Hello Martin,

    The hardware you have is not supported by bqProduction. bqProduction is an old tool and may not support newer devices.