UCC28180: TIDA-00779

Part Number: UCC28180
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Hello dear,

I have an inquiry about the PFC ON signal for the PFC shutdown circuit in TIDA-00779. I want to know the type of this signal, voltage-current, or which signal you are used to checking the operation of the circuit??

in my circuit, I want to feedback this signal from the overvoltage and overcurrent protection of the converter. i.e in the case of the normal operation, the PFC ON signal is presented and in the case of the up normal operation, the signal PFC ON is absent. what value and type of the PFC ON should I use to implement this circuit??

thanks a lot in advance 

  • Hello, I encourage you to reference the schematic for the TIDA-00779 (p.22) and read through the datasheet for the UCC28180.  The controller uses the VSENSE pin to determine the condition of the output.  Studying the specifications for this pin will allow you to determine the different thresholds that the controller is using to determine OVD and UVD.  Also note from sec 5 of the datasheet that when VSENSE falls below 0.82V, the controller goes into low-power standby mode.

  • okay, thanks so much for the answer.

    I got it.