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UCD3138: UCD3138

Part Number: UCD3138
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC28070, UCC28180, UCC28019

In the design tools of UCD3138 only IBIS model is available. Is there ay software available for this?? I have idea about Tina ti and Pscipe  but no idea about IBIS. Could you please help me in this??

Should I download any software for this?? Also are there any resources available to study and learn about this??

  • The normal way to design with the UCD is to use an EVM or your own board, along with CCS 6.2 and the Fusion Digital Power Studio.  Fusion Digital Power Studio includes the UCD3xxx Device GUI, which is useful for lower level programming task.  The Fusion Digital Power Studio includes the capability to adjust control law filter parameters and dead times, among other things, within TI's EVM firmware.  For some topologies, it includes models which can be used to approximate the power supply hardware and permit simulation of the characteristics of the system to help select the control parameters.  

    I know that the IBIS model is intended for board level simulation.  I'm pretty sure that it doesn't support simulation of the UCD program itself, so it can't be used for power supply simulation.  

  • Thank you for your reply.  From the above explanation I understood that simulation can neither be done in Pspice nor Tina right.

    Is there any other digital pfc controller in texas??

  • If by digital you mean programmable, you can look at the C2000 product line.  If you type "ti c2000 pfc", you will see several options.

    However a programmable product is too complex to simulate on a PC.  In fact, it takes lots of resources to simulate small programs in a server farm.  Code is generally developed using the chip in a hardware power supply.

    We also have some nice PFC chips that we call analog which are really mixed signal which are probably easier to simulate.  I'm not an expert on those, but if you are interested, I can find someone to direct you.  

  • Hi,

    Thankyou for your suggestions I have worked with analog controllers UCC28180,UCC28019,UCC28070. Now I want to work with digital controller.

    I want to convert 230V Ac-400v Dc pfc for 2kw power rating using  a digital controller.

  • At least for TI parts, I believe you are going to have to modify the program for the digital controllers.  I don't believe that the UCD offers a reference design for the UCD for 2Kw.  Maybe the C2000 group does.  There are EVMs which provide a good start for both families.  

    Both the UCD and the C2000 families have a processor with a flash program which needs to be changed to customize the PFC for your needs.  The complexity of the changes depends on how far you need to go from the EVM.  

  • Hi,

    How to get the program for digital controllers??? I understand that I need to modify the program as per my needs but the reference program for UCD3138 how to I get that??