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TPS92633-Q1: Binning Resistor

Part Number: TPS92633-Q1

Hi there,

I learn that Binning resistor is required to set current for different LED bin to achieve equivalent brightness. I have some questions.

1.How does it achieve adjustment? The resistor is sensitive to light?

2.What's the advantage of Off-Board Bin resistor, when comparing with Bar/QR Code ?


  • Hi Elec,

    Let me assume you are using the off-binning function of TPS92633-Q1.

    1. Firstly, during application design, the output current is fixed in advance. So the off-binning resistor you are talking about R(ICRTL2) + R(ICRTL1) is fixed to set the regulation voltage. To better understand, I suggest referring to calculation tool . Choose the "(Off-board bin)" sheet. 

    2. As you can see, Bar/QR Code solution doesn't have an off-binning resistor on LED board, so it needs additional efforts to avoid false design. However, TPS92633-Q1 has an R(ICRTL2) on the LED board to set a corresponding output current with robust EMC immunity. So the corresponding process is much simplified during manufacturing.

    Best, Gracie

  • Hi Gracie,

    So for different LED board with different current needed, we can simply change  R(ICRTL2) and needn't change any the on-board part. If we don't have this function, we have to design one driver board for one LED board. That's my understanding for why this function is applied. Is it correct?

    Thanks for your help!

    B R

    Elec Cheng 

  • Hi Elec,

    Yes! Correct!