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TPS65218D0: TPS65218D0 pins grounded/NC

Part Number: TPS65218D0
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS65216, TPS65218


I am using the part TPS65218D0 in the design. However I would like to have a second source for this which would be TPS65216D0. To be able to use the later, I am going to connect below pins in TPS65218D0 to ground or make NC to accommodate with TPS65216D0.

GND- pins: 20-24, 30-33, 25, 27

NC, pins: 18, 19, 34

Any issues with these pins in TPS65218D0 to be connected as listed above?


  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for reaching out! Below is my feedback for the connections of the pins you had listed in the previous message assuming your application will not be using the battery backup supplies. This is applicable to TPS65216 and TPS65218D0 (D0 NVM config

    • Pins# 20-24, 25 and 27 can be grounded. This will work for both PMICs because they are GND pins on TPS65216 and  for applications using TPS65218 but not requiring DCDC5/DCDC6 they can also be connected to GND. This is also explained on the TPS65218D0 datasheet, section 6.1.2 "Applications Without Battery Backup Supplies".

    • Pins# 18 and 19 can be NC/floating. This will work for both PMICs because they are NC pins on TPS65216 and for TPS65218 can be floating as part of the recommended connections when not using DCDC5/6.

    • Pins# 30-33: These pins corresponds to the load switches on the TPS65218 PMIC so I recommend connecting the inputs (pin# 31, 32) to GND and place a 0 Ohms resistor to GND on the output pins (pin# 30, 33). This 0Ohm resistor can be populated when using TPS65216 to connect the pins to GND and unpopulated when using TPS65218 so you can leave them floating.

    • pin# 34 can be NC/floating. It is NC on TPS65216 and GPO2 (configured as push-pull) on TPS65218D0.