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BUF07704: Vs. BUF11704

Part Number: BUF07704
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BUF11704


Our customer is using BUF07704 (6ch), but due to delivery problems, we plan to use BUF11704 (10ch) temporarily.

Since the input range of each product is different for each channel, I would like to use channels with the same input range.

And their application requires 6 channels, use IN3 to IN8 of BUF11704.

Therefore, unnecessary input terminals for CH 1 and 2 are
  Vdd or intermediate voltage
Similarly, CH9, 10
  GND or intermediate voltage

I think that is appropriate.

Question 1
 On the data sheet
 CH1 ~ 3 of BUF07704 ->   CH3 ~ 5 of BUF11704
 CH4 ~ 6 of BUF07704   ->    CH6 ~ 8 of BUF11704
 I think it's better to replace it as above, but is there a problem?

Question 2
 Is it okay to input Vdd / 2 with 10kΩ x2, for example, to input an intermediate voltage to process unused terminals?
 Since the input bias current is very low, I think that a larger resistance value is acceptable, but please let me know if we should be careful.

Question 3
 I think each channel of BUF07704 corresponds to GMA1--GMA6 in "Figure 22. Gamma Correction Curve". Is this correct?
 Or is it GMA3--GMA8 because it has a different input range?



  • Hello Hiroshi,

    Thank you for your post. I have been very busy with some other customer issues lately but I should be able to look into your questions and feedback to you by tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hello Hiroshi,

    Thank you for your patience. I reviewed the datasheet in detail and I agree with your scheme for corresponding channel assignment between BUF07704 and BUF11704.

    For question 1: please use the channel assignment you proposed because it matches the input buffer structure of the BUF07704  with the same corresponding input buffer structure in BUF11704.

    For question 2: It should be ok to use 2x10K resistor to bias unused buffer inputs.

    For question 3:I believe it should be GMA3-GMA8 because that is how you are assigning the corresponding channels between the two devices.

    Kind Regards,