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bq27510-G1 and IT_ENABLE


I am in the process of generating a golden image sample for my system. I am at the part where I need to enable the IT algorithm. I am doing this by writing 0x0021 to the Control() register. According to the documentation, the QEN bit should be set. I try to verify this by writing 0x0000 to the Control() register, wait 2 seconds, then read the Control() register. The register always reads 0x0000. Thus, the QEN bit is not being set.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any assistance you could provide.

  • 1. check the QEN bit using EVSW. If it is not set go to 2.

    2. make sure the BAT_DET is set. If battery insertion is not detected then IT enable is disabled.There is a thermistor network for battery insertion detection.



  • Thank you Ming.

    I think I'm beginning to understand the problem. Please see attached screenshot of my schematic. I was following another reference which did not make use of a thermistor. We are using a single coin-cell (CR2032) battery to power our device.

    In short, the BAT_DET bit is never getting set regardless of whether there is a battery present or not.


    Do you see a potential workaround to get the fuel gauge to detect the battery?



  • 1. how do you measure temperature?

    2. if using the internal temp sensor, then connect BI pin to ground through 10k resistor. this will force the battery insertion on all the time. 



  • Alas, we are not measuring temperature. We were solely relying on the protection FET to protect the battery in case overcharge/discharge.

    I have already set the fuel gauge to use the internal temp sensor. I'll try to connect the BI pin to ground via 10k and see if this works.

    Thank you for your prompt reply.