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TPS61200: TPS61220 Minimum load current

Part Number: TPS61220
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLV61220, TPS61200, , TPS61094


 For our application we need a boost converter whose input voltage should be less than or equal to 2V and greater than 3.5V. The maximum output current can be more than 300mA.

With TLV61220, when connected with a load less than 10mA  the boost converter consumes more than 27mA as mentioned in the picture below.

When connected with load greater than 30mA it works fine. It takes a constant load of 30mA. Why is it so? Is there anything like minimum load current?.

Our requirement is that we need boost converter to work in two circumstances, 1) Lighter loads @ less than 1 mA      2) Heavy loads greater than or equal to 300mA.


Nivethitha D

  • Hi Sir,

    Could you please specify which device you are using? Is it TLV61220 or TPS61200?


  • Hi sir,

     TLV61220 and TPS61220 both seems to be having same datasheet. But for now we are using TLV61220

  • Hi Sir,

    TPS61220 is difference part from TLV61220. But if you want heavy loads greater than or equal to 300mA, I would not recommend TLV61220 or TPS61220 as their current limit is too low. What is your input voltage range and output voltage? I can recommend a better device for you if you prefer.


  • Hi Wenhao,


    1) Input voltage Range Min - 2V, Max - 3.5V

    2) Output voltage Range fixed/adjustable - 3.3V.

    3)Should support a load current of 1mA and more than 300mA.

    ( 1mA is mentioned because when TLV61220 is used for a load of 1mA. It shows that it intakes more than 20mA (not continuously(like spike waveform) in Oscilloscope.)

    Please suggest a one with low quiescent current.

    What is the difference between TPS61220 and TLV61220?


  • Hi Sir,

    One big difference is package which can make layout different.

    To support load below 300mA, TPS610994 will be a choice as it has down mode to convert input to 3.3V when input is higher than output.

    If you want load current more than 300mA with enough margin, TPS61094 in pure-boost mode will be a good choice. It has best efficiency in both 1mA and 300mA. Please note when input is higher than output voltage, device enters bypass mode by turning on HSFET/bypass FET eternally.