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BQ25155: Could you tell me the cases that resets registers to default value?

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Part Number: BQ25155

Hi Team,

I believe toggling #MR pin doesn't reset the registers of BQ25155.
Is my understanding correct?
Could you tell me the cases that resets registers to default value?

Best Regards,

  • Hi Yaita, 

    The cases that'll reset the registers are: 

    1. HW Reset
    2. SW Reset
    3. Entering/Exiting Shipmode
    4. Doing a full power cycle (remove battery and VIN) 
    5. Letting expire the watchdog timer

    The MR can be configure to do a hw reset or to enter/exit shipmode. So toggling the MR under the right conditions can cause the registers to go back to default. 

    Best regards, 

    Arelis G. Guerrero 

  • Hi Arelis-san,

    Thank you for your clear explanation.

    >4. Doing a full power cycle (remove battery and VIN) 
    Could you tell me the threshold battery voltage that can cause the registers to go back to default?
    I assume VIN isn't applied in this case.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Yaita-san, 

    Assuming no VIN, the threshold for battery will be when VBAT < VBATUVLO. Default BATUVLO is 3.0V, but you can change it on the BUVLO Register (0x16). 

    Best regards, 

    Arelis G. Guerrero