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TPS65381-Q1: TPS65381 spice model simulation

Part Number: TPS65381-Q1

This enquiry relates to using the simulation models for the device.

Texas TPS65381-Q1 simulation notes

The original issue was with the VDD6 section of the model, I had tried using Tina TI as the simulator but couldn't manage to get the model circuit to work, not being well versed in Tina I reverted to my work horse simulator LTSpice.   Downloaded the spice models, initially concentrated on the Vdd6 section and after a bit of faffing about managed to get the buck converter to work okay, see figure 1.

The other sections Vdd5 and Vdd1 worked fine, but Vdd3-5 brings up an error relating to d120nq045, see figure 2.  I can only think this is internal to the model but cannot locate a line in the model that might relate to error message.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, the other issue is the ghost connections on the different model sections that don’t relate to chip pin outs (I imagine they are internal functions).  Have had to guess what they are and mean and use trial and success to see how they might be connected

Just for completeness have include the other simulation circuits for the chip.

Thanks Paul Hillman

Figure 1                              Vdd6 simulation

Figure 2                              Vdd3-5 simulation

The other simulations

Figure 3                Vdd5

Figure 4               Vdd1

  • Hello Paul,

    I just want to let you know that we have seen your post and will be getting back to you in the next day or so. Thank you.



  • Hi Paul,

    Unfortunately we do not have much information on these models so I cannot point to exactly what the issue is. I can say my understanding is that VDD5 and VDD3/5 are very similar in design with the main difference being the ability to select the output voltage so for the most part you can use the VDD5 model as a close replacement for VDD3/5 model.

    Best regards,

    Layne J