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Charging power supply chip selection

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC3802, UCC1802, UCC2802-Q1, UCC2813-2, UCC2802

Hi team,

Here's an issue from the customer may need your help:

The customer is going to design the receiver side of the wireless charging power supply, do not consider the receive coil, but consider the circuit behind the coil.

The input voltage is 18~20V AC, the current is 4A, the output is 16.8V, and the constant current of 2A charges the battery.  The customer would like to know how to select a power chip?

Select the AC input with WEBENCH design software, as shown in the figure below, and then design to reduce ripple and increase efficiency, leaving 7 recommended circuits. There are seven circuits, UCC2802\UCC3802\UCC2813-2\UCC3813-2-Q1\UCC2802-Q1\UCC1802, all of which have the same peripheral design, but different chips.

a. can these chips meet the requirements, which one is more appropriate?

b. what are the main differences between these chips?

c. Can circuits designed by WEBENCH be directly applied to draw circuit diagrams?

Could you help check this case? Thanks.

Best Regards,


  • .8V, and the constant current of 2A cha

    Hi Cherry,

    the device you mentioned are all general current mode PWM controller. and I don't think the isolation is needed for receiver,

    the receiver should include a rectifier and a DCDC converter.  Could you please the detail requirement of receiver from the customer, and the detail circuit diagram of receiver?


  • Hello,

    The customer actually would like to know something about the second half of the receive coil.

    The input of the rear half of the coil should be an AC of 18~20V at 4A; the output requirement is a DC supply of 16.8V/2A to charge the battery. Designed with WEBENCH, there are seven circuits mentioned above and they would like to know:

    1. Is the above design method correct?

    2. do not select isolated, frequency select 50hz, the resulting circuit diagram is the same as the chosen isolated frequency of 60hz.

    3. Can the circuit be applied directly? Is L1 in the figure a choke? The device in front of the rectifier bridge does not give parameters.

    Thanks and regards,


  • Hi,

    May I know is there any updates about the above response? 

    Thanks and regards,


  • Hi Cherry,

    if only considering AC 18~20V input, DC 16.8V/2A output, the general PWM UCC28C4x or the device and the isolated flyback topology you mentioned above can be used here.

    I am not familiar the wireless system. maybe full-bridge + buck topology is often used solution in wireless charger.

    L1 is the common mode Choke in EMI filter.