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TPS65381-Q1: dev_err_cnt register

Part Number: TPS65381-Q1

Hi team,

Regarding the dev_err_cnt register, when an error occurs, it will accumulate. After reset, is it restored to 0 or the original count value is retained?

How to understand what is shown in the picture? Does the SPI OWERWRITTEN access also cause the count to increment?


  • Hello,

    we have assigned this to the appropriate engineer who will get back to you by Friday.



  • Hi Hangjie,

    DEV_ERR_CNT[3:0] can only be written to when the device is in DIAGNOSTIC state when the SW_LOCK command has not been written. Otherwise the MCU cannot change the value in the DEV_ERR_CNT bit field. These bits are only reinitialized during an NPOR event.

    All of this information can be found in the "Initialization source" and "Controller access" fields at the top of every register description.

    Best regards,

    Layne J

  • Can I understand that as long as the power is not turned off, rewriting the program through CAN will not change the value of the register, in other words, can the register value read after I rewrite the program reflect the register state before writing the new program

  • Hi Hangjie,

    I am not sure what you are asking. It is not possible to write anything through the CANWU pin on the device, do you mean SPI? Can you also clarify what is meant by the program? 

    Best regards,

    Layne J

  • Hi Layne,

    Sorry I didn't explain clearly here, the reprogramming refers to the MCU, the PMIC powers it. The datasheet shows Initialization source: NPOR. What I want to confirm is whether the value of the register will not change under any circumstances as long as the power is not interrupted.

    Some application and test information is inconvenient to put here, I have emailed it to you, hope you can take a moment to reply, thanks