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[FAQ] BQ76952: Is the BQ769x2 able to do gauging? Can it calculate and report SOC and SOH?

Part Number: BQ76952
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQ34Z100-G1, TIDA-010030, BQ76920, BQ76930, BQ78350-R1A, BQ76940

Do the BQ769x2 family of device have the capability to do gauging?

  • The BQ769x2 family does not include the gauging feature. These devices do provide very accurate cell voltage, current, and temperature measurements which are all important components of any gauging algorithm and these measurements are available to the MCU. Additionally, there is an Accumulated Charge feature to track the accumulated charge and discharge current over time. More information on this feature can be found in the device Technical Reference Manual and the thread linked below provides an example for how to interpret this reading.

    Gauging can be very challenging to implement yourself on the MCU, so if you do not want to develop your own algorithm, a stack-level gauge solution may be ideal. The BQ34Z100-G1 can be used in conjunction with the BQ76952 to provide parameters like SOC and SOH. TIDA-010030 is a good reference design that shows how the BQ34Z100-G1 can be used together with a battery monitor IC. 

    The BQ769x0 monitor family (which includes the BQ76940, BQ76930, BQ76920) has a BQ78350-R1A companion gauge available that is designed to work directly with these monitors. Presently there is not an equivalent device available for the BQ769x2 family, so a stack-level gauge is the best available approach.

    Link to BQ769x2 FAQ homepage