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New version of Fusion Digital Power Designer Available (v1.8.58)

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCD9222, UCD7232

Version 1.8.58 of Fusion Digital Power Designer is now available for download on 

This replaces the 1.8.34 (point-of-load) and 1.8.44 (sequencer) releases that were previously posted.

Highlights of changes since the previous release are described below. 


  • When creating a new design via the offline wizard, the “Design” task is opened up first instead of the “Configure” task.
  • Fixed “Configure vtrack source” dialog box issues and now properly show external vtrack source in the sequencing simulation plots.
  • In the copy rail tool, if you selected another device or project file as the source of your copy, you could not copy from/to the same bank. Fixed.
  • Fixed TOFF_MAX_WARN_LIMIT issues on PMBus 1.2 devices.
  • UCD9222/44: VID editor improvements, added support for VID_RESTART command.
  • Added UCD7232 and UCD74110 driver support in the Design tool.
  • In power stage auto ID (aka TFA), a fixed duty cycle was assumed instead of using the reading from READ_DUTY_CYCLE. This would lead to incorrect “measured” frequency response curve. Fixed.
  • The design tool now factors any adjustment of SYNC_OFFSET into the plant frequency response.
  • Rated current was not always populated correctly. Fixed.
  • The schematic could sometimes be modified -– updated using latest algorithms -– even though the user did not make a change to one of the inputs that affects the schematic auto design. Fixed.
  • In some cases the GUI would update the power stage schematic for an existing design when you first switched to the design tool or a new rail. Fixed. The GUI should never select new components unless you change something in your design (Vin, Vout, Fs, other component, etc.).
  • A default temperature sensor is no longer populated on the schematic when a driver is selected.
  • Rail names can now be edited in the design tool.
  • When you created a new design, the “design -> device synchronization” checkboxes might not all be checked by default. Instead they could be the settings for the last time the same part/address combo was edited in the GUI. Fixed: they are now all checked by default.
  • If the design tool makes an update to components used in the power stage, you are now notified via an overlay on the design tool.
  • If you attempt to change rail, device, or task when the design is not complete, you will be prompted to confirm the change.
  • Similarly, if you attempt to change rail, device, or task and the GUI sees that some PMBus commands need to be updated to reflect your design tool changes, you will be prompted to write your design.
  • On a UCD7242-based design, TEMP_CAL_OFFSET was being set to -45 degC instead of -47 degC. Fixed.
  • If you updated only series trace resistance in a schematic, the bode plots would not update when you closed the schematic. Fixed.
  • If one of the design plots (frequency, impedance, or time) was sized very small (so not really visible), the GUI could crash if you moused over the chart area. Fixed.
  • The “CLA Edit” and “Advanced Config” tabs are now hidden. Contact your TI representative if you need access to these editors. They are normally not needed.



  • The “Advanced Config” tab is now hidden. Contact your TI representative if you need access to this feature. It is normally not needed.
  • If you made a number of changes to the setpoint for a rail, voltage warn/fault/margin editors could stop updating automatically. This would in turn affect the exponent (VOUT_MODE) selected for the rail. Fixed.
  • When you imported a project file that changed rail voltage levels, the “Set for me” VOUT_MODE editor’s check state was not always set correctly. Fixed.
  • When the GUI writes a new vout exponent, it clears logged faults and peak data on the device. If LOGGED_PEAKS could not be reset due to device NACK or other SAA/I2C error, the GUI would crash. Fixed.
  • Updated/added EVM sample project files.
  • Fix for firmware negative fan speed issue.
  • Deleting a Logic Controlled GPO that has no pin assigned to it would crash the GUI. Fixed.


UCD92xx and UCD90xxx: 

  • When you created a new device using the wizard, the rail names might have values from a previous device you edited that had the same part/address pair. Fixed.
  • New device selector.
  • Rail names are now listed in more places. Future versions of the GUI will push show rail names in more places.
  • You can now reset the GUI’s preference database to installer default values through File->Preferences.
  • You can now define a custom address scan list. For example, you can chose to skip all bit



  • Added a pointer to “Using the UCD92xx Digital Point of Load Controller” document.
  • Updated “UCD Configuration Programming and Calibration Overview” presentation.