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UCC27528: Gate Driver

Part Number: UCC27528
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC27527, UCC27624, UCC27614


Good Day.

Would you recommend a gate driver for the UCC27527/8 (it is also a gate driver) for switching application. 

Both devices are going to drive the STL3N10F7. 

However, if there is another gate driver that can drive the STL3N10F7 directly, please advise. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Ray Vincent

  • Hi Ray,

    Thank you for reaching out!


    Regarding low-side gate drivers, I would suggest either of our brand new devices.  The UCC27624 (dual channel device), or our UCC27614 (single channel device).

    UCC27624 (dual channel):

    • 5A source / sink
    • 26V Max Recommended VDD
    • Input pin -10V handling
    • Output designed to handle 5A of reverse current (due to over/undershoot transients)

    UCC27614 (single channel):

    • 10A source / sink
    • 26V Max Recommended VDD
    • Input pin -10V handling
    • 2x2mm DGN package available

    Both of these latest generation devices were designed with extra robustness in mind.  With a large VDD range, great transient handling on the inputs and outputs, and reverse current handling.


    You mentioned driving the MOSFET "directly", if you meant driving the MOSFET without a gate resistor, I would suggest to at least put a place holder (0 Ohm) resistor in the gate drive path, next to the MOSFET to give flexibility later.  Having gate resistor flexibility later down the road can allow you to fine-tune your gate drive loop to minimize ringing and turn-on / turn-off times.


    I hope this helps and answers your question!  If so, please press the green button.  Otherwise, please feel free to follow up!


    Aaron Grgurich