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USB-PD-CHG-EVM-01: About the protection

Part Number: USB-PD-CHG-EVM-01
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS25750, TPS54531, TVS2200, BQ25792



I have a question about the VBUS protection function when connecting "USB-PD-CHG-EVM-01" to a device that does not support USB-PD via the TYPE-C connector and cable.


(1) About VBUS protection when "USB-PD-CHG-EVM-01" is the source device

Contents described in " Internal Sourcing Power Paths" in the "TPS25750" data sheet,

We recognize that the combination of the surge protection function of "TVS2200" and the OVP / UVLO / CCP / TSP protection function of "TPS54531" is a typical VBUS protection function.


(2) VBUS protection when "USB-PD-CHG-EVM-01" is a sink device

Contents described in " TPS25750D Internal Sink Path" in the "TPS25750" data sheet,

It is recognized that the combination of the surge protection function of "TVS2200" is a typical VBUS protection function.


Is my understanding above correct?

I would appreciate it if you could let me know if there are any mistakes or additional considerations.


Best Regards,


  • Taroimo,

    You are very close in your understanding:

    The TVS2200 serves 2 protection provides a Flat Clamp Surge Protection.

    As a Sink, TPS25750 Provides UVLO, OVP,  and RCP protection that is compliant to the type C specification

    As a source, the BQ25792 is used to manage OCP for voltages greater than 5V.  The TPS25750 still provides OVP and UVLO

    As a 5V source only, the TPS25750 provides OCP, OVP, and UVLO.

    The TPS54531 is used to generate the 5V supply require by the TPS25750 to act as a source.  It requires 3A of current capability for VBUS and 600mA of additional current if VCONN is provided on the CC pin that is not used for communication, so we usually select a 4 to 4.5A capable buck for this purpose.



  • Hi Chuck

    Thank you for your support.

    When connecting to a non-USB-PD device, it operates at "VBUS = 5V".

    Therefore, we understand that you should consider each protection provided by "TPS25750 / TVS2200 / TPS54531(only as a source)" except "BQ25792".

    Thanks to you, I also understand why DC-DC converters for 5V power generation require a supply capacity of about 4 to 4.5A.


    Best Regards,