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Part Number: TLV743P

Hi team,

my customer discover large leakage (1mA) at 3D3V_RTC_AUX Vin of TLV74315 during "coin battery supply",

as you can see below the red circle, when they decrease the resistor value,  the leakage disappear,

also when they use adapter input ( another diode's input 3D3V_LPS) ,  no leakage occur miraculously.

moreover, the other strange thing is when he plugged the adapter then plug out (only battery) , the IC function work again and no issue.

does this has something to do with the RC between battery and vin when power up?  (R=1Kohm, C=2uF )

  • Hi Fred,

    Are you referring to R2524 that has a blue square around it? Also is U2509 the TLV743? The device name has been blocked out. 

    This does not sound like it has anything to do with the LDO. They can easily verify this by testing with the LDO disabled (i.e. pin 3 EN is at 0V) and seeing if the leakage is still present. If this is true, I don't know how to help because I do not know what the function of the rest of the circuitry does.



  • Hi Fred,

    I see now you made another post with the same question. In the future instead of making a new post please just edit the original post.

    I am going to close this post and continue the thread on the other because the other is properly labeled in the image. 


  • HI NIck,

    no, I am referring to the R2521, the resistor connect to battery

    and yes U2509 is TLV743.

    they are suspecting the unexpected leakage sink by LDO during enabling

    and since those are two difference device TLV743 and TLV733 , so I better split them in case we confuse