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TPS62065-Q1: Power connecting at output when no input is provided

Part Number: TPS62065-Q1

We are using TPS62065QDSGRQ1 part in our design and whose output we are using to charge a supercapacitor. When there is no output from the regulator at the absence of input voltage to regulator and enable is below 0.4V, Supercap will provide the required voltage to the circuit.

As now Regulator has no input voltage and enable is low, We are providing a 4.2 V power at out pin of the regulator. Which is resulting a voltage at input pin of the regulator,  which is 0.5V lesser than the voltage present at output pin.

Please, Let us know whether this has any affect on the operation of the TPS62065QDSGRQ1 regulator and whether this has any affect on regulator life or other parameters.

  • Hi Dinesh,

    Thanks for your questions.

    My main concert is the current flowing in the bode diode when you supply VOUT and VIN is 0. 

    Depending on the input network, an unregulated current could flow in the high side body diode. If this current is high enough, it could overheat the IC and eventually decrease its lifetime.

    As second comment, the max recommended output capacitors for this device is 22uF. I am not sure how it will behave with a supercapacitor. You should check in the lab how it behaves in terms of stability and transient response.

    Finally, please consider the Output Discharge function of this device. Referring to the datasheet:

    I am not sure if this could be a problem for your applications.

    Please ask again if you have further questions.