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TPS65218D0: Clarification on i2c address

Part Number: TPS65218D0

The datasheet for TPS65218D0 lists that the i2c address is always 0x24. However, sometimes datasheets specify i2c addresses as a 7-bit number, and other times it is specified as an 8-bit number with the LSb (read/write bit) being the implicit 0. It's not clear from the datasheet which is which.

Is it this:


Or is it this:


x would be the read/write control bit of the i2c byte.

  • Hi Ross,

    Could you share a picture of the confusing portion of the datasheet. I'm not sure which section you are referencing. Most of our register and addressing data is 8 bits.



  • It's page 1 of the datasheet: "I2C Interface (Address 0x24)", but I can't take a picture of a section that doesn't exist (where it would show the bit format of the address instead of just a hex number). As I've described there's 2 ways to interpret this. The i2c standard specifies a 7-bit address (the 8th bit is considered a read/write control bit, NOT part of the address), but many datasheets will still show the value as an 8-bit number (bit order: [a6, a5, a4, a3, a2, a1, a0, 0] ), where the LSb is zero, while others don't include the zero: (bit order: [a6, a5, a4, a3, a2, a1, a0]). The best datasheets just show a binary format like 0100100x.

    Maybe another way to ask the question : What is the 7-bit address of this device?

  • Hi Ross,

    For the TPS65218D0 the 7 bit address would be 0100100 with the format (a6,a5,a4,a3,a2,a1,a0). The next transmitted bit should be the R/W, followed by another bit for the acknowledge.