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[FAQ] TPS3422: How to reset a battery powered device by removing USB power

Part Number: TPS3422


Instead of a reset push button, is there a way I can use the TPS3422 to reset my battery powered device by removing USB power for <10 seconds then reapplying power?  I would also like for no reset signal to be sent when the device is left unplugged.

Thank you.

  • Hello Masoud,

    Here is a solution that uses the TPS3422 and a few logic gates.

    When the USB power is disconnected, PB1 will be pulled low and after 7.5s, RST_B will issue a single 400ms active low reset pulse. If USB power is reapplied as soon as the pulse is issued, the NAND gate will pass the reset signal through. If USB power is unplugged indefinitely, the reset pulse will be blocked by the NAND gate.