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TPS6594-Q1: Unused LDOs used for monitoring

Part Number: TPS6594-Q1


I want to use two of the LDOs for monitoring.

1. Do I need to connect a voltage to the PVIN_LDOx if I only use the LDO for monitoring?

2. How to configure in the Scalable-PMICs-GUI 3.0.0 for disabling the LDO?

3. How to configure in the Scalable-PMICs-GUI 3.0.0 to monitor an external set voltage?


  • Hi,

    1. Yes, unused PVIN_LDOx pins should be connected to VCCA
    2. The LDO will be disabled unless it is turned on in a state transition
    3. In LDOx_CTRL register, LDOx_EN (bit0) should be 0 (regulator disabled), but LDOx_VMON_EN (bit4) should be enabled, monitor level and window can be set with LDOx_VOUT register and LDOx_PG_WINDOW


    Daniel W

  • Hello,

    for 1,2 Ok thanks

    For 3 there is no setting in the Scalable-PMICs-GUI 3.0.0 static configuration to disable the LDO.

    I added a enable low (disable) on the first stage of the PFSM.

    Reading the LDOx_CTRL with the GUI shows the LDOx_EN (bit0) is 0 - OK but the LDOx_VMON_EN (bit4) is disable

    1. Can you please point me to enabling it in the GUI

    2. Setting it to 1 in the GUI doesn't work it is 0 on readback


  • Hello,

    I added to the LDO disable stage in the  PFSM LDOx_VMON_EN and it fixed it