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BQ76930: BQ7693003DBT suitability for 7S series BMS

Part Number: BQ76930
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BQSTUDIO, BQ78350, , BQ79616-Q1

Hello support team,

We have narrowed down the BQ7693003DBT for the design of 7S8P series BMS 24 V, 100 A. could you please provide guidance weather it would be a suitable option for this requirement or not? also could you please guide on major things that needs to be taken care.

Actually, our main requirement is to make a cascading chain of 6 BMS. so Kindly suggest its suitability for this kind of application. 

Another question is that , if we want to use the same GUI (of evaluation board) with the custom design , kindly suggest the guidelines.

Awaited your response.

  • Hi Maitry,

    The BQ7693003DBT, which is suitable for 6-10 S cells, should be a good option for your cell count.  For major considerations, I will attach a video that discusses creating a schematic for the BQ769x0 family of devices (How to create schematic for BQ76920, BQ76930 and BQ76940 - YouTube).  Additionally, here is a link to a document that discusses top design considerations: bq769x0 Family Top 10 Design Considerations (Rev. A).

    I am a bit confused by your statement about making a cascading chain of 6 BMS.  Does this mean you want to stack devices?  If so, stacking 6 24V batteries together will lead to very high voltage, and I recommend using the BQ76916Q1 automotive monitor instead.  What is your application?

    As for the GUI, I am assuming that you are asking if you can use BQStudio with the device even if you are not using an EVM.  Yes, you can use BQStudio for the BQ76930, but you must be using the BQ78350 gauge with the monitor for this to work.



  • Hello, 

    Thank you for the quick response. 

    Yes, below is our application and requirement is to stack 6 24 V batteries , which will lead to the high voltage of 24*6=144 V. 

    Charging current: 30 A , Discharging current : 100 A 

    Based on the above requirement, please suggest a suitable option which is available in stock . Actually, the suggested part BQ79616-Q1 is not in stock. 

    Also, with respect to 100 A discharging current, what should be the modification required in the circuit as well as which care needs to be taken care.

    Request you to suggest the same.

  • Hi Maitry,

    Current should not be an issue, but I would recommend not using the BQ76930 for your application due to the high voltage your system will have. 

    The monitor that would work best for your system is most likely an automotive-grade battery monitor, not an industrial one.  Unfortunately, I don't specialize in those monitors, but I will provide you a link to a TI tool that should be able to help you select an appropriate part based on your system needs.  Here is the link: Battery monitors & balancers product selection |  Although the BQ79616 Q1 is out of stock, you may find another part that is in stock and will fit your system needs using this tool.