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UCD3138A64: UCD3138A pmbus_handler / copy_configuration_to_ram / copy_configuration_to_registers subroutine Affects boot stability time?

Part Number: UCD3138A64

Dear Sir

Now it is necessary to reduce the boot time to 130ms (PFC+LLC),and it is found that after the system rings up, the PFC will not be controlled by the program for 20~120ms.

The result of the inspection seems to be that pmbus_handler() will execute the following actions copy_configuration_to_ram( ) / copy_configuration_to_registers()

This seems to overwrite the PID value I set and re-follow,

Can to close related programs? 

Thank you

  • Hello,

    sorry for I am not fully understand your question. Can you describe your problem in more detail and clarity? We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


  • Hi Bliss

    1. copy_configuration_to_ram( ) / copy_configuration_to_registers()
    Is it a necessary program? Can it be disabled?

    2. PMBUS will not be used in product applications, can I turn it off completely?


  • Hello Wilson,

    copy_configuration_to_registers() is bascially called by pmbus_write_restore_default_all(void) which is used for loading configuration from data flash to registers. If you look into the details, you'll see that it's loading some data(like KP, KI, KD...) from data flash to register at startup.

    copy_configuration_to_ram() is called by  pmbus_write_store_default_all(void) which is for storing all PMBus-configurable variables from RAM to Data Flash. RAM variables are only valid online, and they may be modified during debugging, so it's important to store those values back to data flash for next power up.

    Those two functions are not that necessary but depending on how you handle those parameters(like KP,KI,KD) in your code to make sure it power up as expected every time. 

    It's not a good idea to remove the pmbus function totally, because it's a useful tool for online debugging. Instead, may be you can remove most of the them but keep the part for debugging.   

    Best Regards,