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LM36010: Read from register

Part Number: LM36010


In the datasheet, the Figure 35 is for writing. Does LM36010 support reading of the registers? Does it support re-start?


  • hello sir

    sure, LM36010 support reading registers. As mentioned in, for the eighth bit, a 0 indicates a WRITE, and a 1 indicates a READ. You can READ registers by input eighth bit 1. 

    what do you mean by re-start? there is a enable register that can set the device in standby mode from other modes.

  • I mean the 'repeat start' in I2C protocol, when need change data flow direction in the communication.

    Start -> device address -> register address -> re-start -> device address -> register data -> Stop

    I see numerous I2C slave devices use the flow as above to read from registers. But for LM36010, it seems the data returned directly after sending the register address.


  • hello 

    Let me double confirm if LM36010 needs a re-start operation for reading action and get back to you when having some result 

  • hello 

    I think your understanding is correct and datasheet only provides the sequence of writing. The detailed read cycle is as follows:

    Master device generates a start condition.

    Master device sends slave address (7 bits) and the data direction bit (r/w = 0).

    Slave device sends acknowledge signal if the slave address is correct.

    Master sends control register address (8 bits).

    Slave sends acknowledge signal.

    Master device generates repeated start condition.

    Master sends the slave address (7 bits) and the data direction bit (r/w = 1).

    Slave sends acknowledge signal if the slave address is correct.

    Slave sends data byte from addressed register.

  • Yes, this is what I tried and worked.