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BQ25882: I set cut-off current as 150mA, and the real test showed “charge done” when it was 100mA

Part Number: BQ25882

Hi Team,

I supplied power to two chips, namely SGM41528 and BQ25882.
APLog_2022_1121_035012__6/pl_lk:1501:[1604] sgm41528_is_hw_exist: vendor id(0x02) match

The following log is the register configuration values dumped from bq25882.

APLog_2022_1121_035012__6/kernel_log_6__2022_1121_043643:46069:<3>[ 1687.974801] (1)[274:charger_thread]sgm41528_dump_register: ICHG = 1250mA, AICR = 2200mA, MIVR = 4400mV, IEOC = 150mA, CV = 8250mV

APLog_2022_1121_035012__6/kernel_log_6__2022_1121_043643:46070:<3>[ 1687.974819] (1)[274:charger_thread]sgm41528_dump_register: VSYS = 8144mV(7000mV), VBAT = 8159mV, IBAT = 100mA, IBUS = 331mA, VBUS = 4975mV

APLog_2022_1121_035012__6/kernel_log_6__2022_1121_043643:46071:<3>[ 1687.974833] (1)[274:charger_thread]sgm41528_dump_register: CHG_EN = 1, CHG_STATUS = taper-charging, CHG_STAT = 0x04

APLog_2022_1121_035012__6/kernel_log_6__2022_1121_043643:46316:<3>[ 1693.174838] (3)[274:charger_thread]sgm41528_dump_register: ICHG = 1250mA, AICR = 2200mA, MIVR = 4400mV, IEOC = 150mA, CV = 8250mV

APLog_2022_1121_035012__6/kernel_log_6__2022_1121_043643:46317:<3>[ 1693.174870] (3)[274:charger_thread]sgm41528_dump_register: VSYS = 8205mV(7000mV), VBAT = 8148mV, IBAT = 0mA, IBUS = 55mA, VBUS = 4928mV

APLog_2022_1121_035012__6/kernel_log_6__2022_1121_043643:46318:<3>[ 1693.174880] (3)[274:charger_thread]sgm41528_dump_register: CHG_EN = 1, CHG_STATUS = done, CHG_STAT = 0x06

Kind regards,