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BQ24195: BQ24195_EVM

Part Number: BQ24195

I am currently purchasing and testing the bq24195_EVM.
When I looked at the data sheet, I understood that PMID can be used as a power supply for 5V input devices such as cell phones because it gives out 5V. We had to use 5V output with only the battery connected without VBUS connected, so we connected only the 4.0V charged battery to the bq24195_EVM and ran OTG. At this time, I confirmed that 5.1V was output without connecting anything to the PMID, and when I connected a product that required 5V input in this state, the battery IC died. It's not completely dead, I took the battery out and put it back in and it's back to normal. Am I using the PMID wrong? I want to use a PMID because I need a 5V output. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how.

I am using a translator. Please understand if the words are strange.

The register settings are set as in the following picture.

  • Hello,

    What do you mean the battery IC died? Is it damaged, can you run it again normally in charge mode?

    I see you have a Watchdog Timer Expiration fault. What happens if you change the I2C Watchdog Timer Limit from 40 sec to Disabled?


    Mike Emanuel

  • I'll try again to explain in detail.

    First of all, the circuit configuration is a state in which only the battery with 4.0V charged on the bat+ and gnd sides of the BQ24195EVM is connected.

    In this state, regardless of whether OTG is set or not, if a device to receive 5V input is connected to the PMID, the IC is turned off. I looked at why, and the battery connected to bat+ is 2.2V. So it seems that the IC is turned off due to lack of voltage. However, if I unplug the battery and plug it back in, the battery stays at 4V again and everything works fine.

    I set the I2C Watchdog Timer Limit to Disabled as you advised and the result was the same. Can you tell me what part i did wrong?

  • Hello,

    Do you have a battery protector or some other circuit that prevents the battery voltage from being realized? We need to find a way to ensure the battery voltage is realized on the charger.

    For OTG mode only, what happens if you replace the battery with a 4.0 V Power Supply and try to run OTG there? Do you see any difference?


    Mike Emanuel