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[FAQ] BQ24610: What is the proper placement of bypass capacitors on VREF, VCC, and REGN for BQ24610 and other BQ246xx devices?

Part Number: BQ24610

Please place all decoupling capacitors as close as possible to the IC pin they correspond to (following the Layout Guidelines and priorities for each device). However, please make sure that the VREF, VCC, and REGN pins are not loaded before attaching their respective decoupling capacitor. For example, BQ24610 has multiple resistor dividers for ISET1, ISET2, and ACSET with VREF as the voltage source. The closest connection to the VREF pin should be the VREF capacitor, followed by a connection to the resistor dividers. One does not want the first thing the VREF pin sees to be the resistor divider, as this will load the VREF pin before it has regulated its voltage source. Another example is the REGN pin. REGN has a connection through the bootstrap diode to charge the bootstrap capacitor. One wants to make sure the first connection the REGN pin sees is the REGN decoupling capacitor, followed by the bootstrap circuit.

See the attached layout example for BQ24650EVM. Here the REGN capacitor C10 (REGN pad highlighted on bottom layer in blue) is before the loading with the BTST circuit through bootstrap diode D2. The main objective is to place the decoupling capacitor as close to the pin as possible. If this is followed it almost always ensures the pin is not loaded before the decoupling capacitor.