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TPS61070: TPS61070 Boost Mode Operation - Vin > Vout

Part Number: TPS61070
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLV61070A

Hi TI,

I have a question in regards to a DCDC-Boost-Regulator configuration for the TPS61070.

Is it a safe operating mode, if VIN >= VOUT?

The question is related to an application requirement, where the input voltage can be either a 2xAA battery or a 5V input.

Since this is a low cost product, I'm wondering, if I could simply use the boost converter in this operation mode, without disabling and bypassing the DCDC Boost regulator.

I have tried it already and I see, that the input voltage is directly forwarded to the output. Therefor, the TPS61070 seems to switch permanently on the internal PMOS switch.

Is it a safe operatinal mode for the TPS61070? I think so, but please confirm.

What would be the maximum continous current for the internal PMOS, since only the peak current for 600 mA is given in the datasheet?

Thanks for your assistance


  • Hi Christian,

    You could consider the new part TLV61070A, which has better efficiency performance, higher current capability.

    TLV61070A could support VIN>=Vout application. When Vin is higher than setting Vout, the high side FET is always ON and Vout follows Vin.

  • Hi Zack,

    yes, the new part looks very good and I will also give it a try for future applications and as an alternative part.

    However, the TPS61070 is a long time used part in our applications.

    Back to my questions, that I need got get answered for the TPS61070.

    Id,max,continous for PMOS (if VIN > VOUT)?

    This information couldn't be found either in the datasheet of the TLV61070A!

    Only ILIM,sw is given.

    Thank you

  • Hi Christian,

    thank you for using the E2E forum.

    The expert for the TPS61070 is not in the office this week but he will respond once back as soon as possible.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Christian,

      when VIN >VOUT target and PMOS fully turns on. we don't have current limit in this condition and the PMOS's current capability is over the current limit.