PSpice Model or Unencrypted TINA-TI Model

Part Number: LM3414HV
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LM3414, TINA-TI
We are trying to do a simulation of our LED light that uses the LM3414HV and fails EMI testing.
Since we have already modeled our EMI filter in LTspice, we were hoping you had a LM3414 model for PSpice that we could import, but you do not.
You do have a TINA-TI model, but TINA is completely unfamiliar to us and also does not seem up to the task.
Presumably, we could model our EMI filter in PSpice.
Can you therefore supply either a PSpice model or an unencrypted TINA-TI model for the LM3414HV or LM3414?
We can sign an NDA if necessary.
Thanks in advance.
  • Hello,

    I have assigned your thread to our expert. Due to CNY holidays, there maybe some delay for the replay. Thanks for your understanding.

  • hello Michael

    since LM3414 is an old device, I have gone through our internal document list but did not find either pspice model or an unencrypted TINA model. 

    However right now, we have a new device under sample stage that can fully cover the sepc of LM3414HV with better dimming performance and is available with simplis model. We may discuss more by mail if you are interested in this.

  • Mason,

    Hello, and thanks for your reply.

    Would it be possible for you (or someone else at TI) to decrypt the TINA-TI LM3414 model?

    There are other E2E posts that indicate this has been done for other parts.

    We have been using the LM3414HV for several years and have found our current design to be extremely reliable.

    And we have hundreds of LM3414HV parts in stock.

    The only problem we are having is passing EMI testing to enable CE marking. Our current EMI filter doesn't work well enough.

    We are hoping we could use PSpice to help design a new EMI filter.

    Finally, yes, we would like more information about and samples of the new part. We have some higher power lights in development and are looking for appropriate drivers. Feel free to email me directly at to facilitate this.

    Thanks again.


  • hello Michael 

    currently I do not find a way out to decrypt TINA model. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    For the new components, do you have NDA available so that I can share the information? 

  • Our application for the new part would be to drive a high-power LED array at 1.4A and ~18V from a 24V power supply. PWM dimming is a requirement, and we would like to avoid using a bulky EMI filter, as space for the driver is limited.

    We don't have an NDA, but if your new part would be suitable for this application, we would be happy to sign whatever NDA TI requires.

  • hello Michael

    I will send you an email and if it is possible pls loop local filed team.

  • Please see the email I just sent (from re obtaining an NDA.

  • Hi Mike,

    I have send you the email regarding NDA.