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UCD3138CC64EVM-030: general questions aboutl EvalBoard Functionality

Part Number: UCD3138CC64EVM-030

Hi Everyone,

i am reading about this evaluation board to see if i can use it in my project (Single-Phase PFC). i have some question which i could not find the answer in documents:

- as much as i understand it includes UART1 for communication with other digital power converter (it is isolated). which information can i send in this Bus? and how can i do that? through GUI? Background: i would have another micro controller in project and i want to send for example Irms and input power measurement to other controller. Is it possible?

- there are some functions listed in SLUA708 like; X-CAP reactive current compensation (§5.4), Input power and RMS current measurement (§5.5), Burst Mode (§5.6), Harmonic Injection (§5.7), PFC ZVS (§5.3) and AC Drop detection (§5.2). are all of them implemented in Firmware? if not all, which ones are implemented? 

- Evaluation Board includes Inrush limiter Relay. after reaching defined voltage, it turn relay on and waits 100ms before ramping output. can i send commend through UART to switch off Relay pin if necessary or is it possible to change firmware like decrease this 100ms.

- can i just change parameters through GUI, or if necessary i can add or change the Software code and compile and use it?

- i want to work with 1500V. i shall recalculate and change the necessary parameters. other than, this Firmware should work for this voltage level. is that so?

Best Regard

T. Khani

  • The board does have isolation for both transmit and receive for the UART, as well as an isolated AC DROP signal for quick response to AC DROP.  You will probably need to modify the firmware to change what is transmitted, but it is certainly possible.  You will also need to provide 3.3 V and ground to the isolated section of the circuit from your other board.  

    Yes, I believe all of the functions you mention are provided in the hardware/firmware of the board.  

    Yes you can change the delay on the relay with a firmware change.

    I believe the firmware should work with 1500 volts.  Of course the parameters will include lots of things, like the control loop parameters, the dead times, and so on.  

    The board, however, will not work at 1500 volts.  You'll need new hardware.  

    You will probably need to change the parameters through changing the software.  The GUI offers some limited parameter changes for design purposes, but you still need to incorporate the new parameter values into the firmware for production purposes.