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BQ78350-R2-DEVICE-FW: Unseal/Unseal_to_Full Problem

Part Number: BQ78350-R2-DEVICE-FW

Hi everybody,

I have got a problem with my bq78350_R2 and bqStudio. When trying to UNSEAL/UNSEAL_TO_FULL I get some problems.

When I try to UNSEAL it with the COMMAND Button - UNSEAL (with the correct key) it does not UNSEAL. The same for UNSEAL_TO_FULL (of course because UNSEAL is not working).

However, when I try it in Advanced Comm SMB under Write Word 00(Hex) 0(Dec), it works. There I enter the first 4 digits (eg. 0x1234) of the unseal key and click Write Word and then within a few seconds (< 4sec) the last 4 digits (e.g. 0x5678) of the unseal key. I do the same for FULL ACESS and it works as well.

Why does it work via Advanced Comm SMB but not with the COMMAND Buttons, since this is very complicated for some colleagues and not the way we want to do this because there are these COMMAND Buttons which make life easier, I would like to know from you a solution to this problem.

Any help is appreciated!



  • Hi Philipp,

    Did you make sure to disable the Dashboard in BQStudio? (click the green banner on the top-left corner to disable the Dashboard). If there is any communication on the SMBus between the commands, it will not successfully unseal the device.

    It may also be good to capture the SMBus signals on a logic analyzer for both methods to understand what is the difference.

    Best regards,


  • Hey Matt,

    thanks for the reply, the Dashboard is always enabled (it works everytime but not with this 3 specific bq78350R2s). When i send the commands via Advanced Comm i disable the Dashboard, then it is working. When i try to send it via Command Buttons it does not matter if the Dashboard is enabled/disabled. It just doesnt work. 

    I will try to capture the SMBus signals next time when i have that problem and let you know.