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TPS546D24: Tps546d24

Part Number: TPS546D24
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: , USB-TO-GPIO2

Hi Peter/ TI support team,

I need the excel sheet for TPS546D24 part. Assembly house has placed the above part versus the A version. All rails are down, I can not even tap into the part via fusion tool. Have already done the request, but would be great if you could email it.

I am hoping if I changed the strapping values then I might be able to get into the parts via fusion and configure  NVRAM.

I am at deadlock right now. 




    Your mysecure access is pending, I have requested it be expedited.  However, there is no pin-programming resistor combination from the TPS546D24A table that would make the TPS546D24 not communicate via PMBus, so that indicates there may be an additional issue.

    1) The currently released version of FUSION Digital Designer has a scan error and is not detecting the TPS546x24x family of devices correctly.  While we are working to correct that, try using this older FUSION release to see if that allows you to connect to the device successfully:

    2) If that does not work, check the pull-up options in the TI FUSION Digital Designer.  The new USB-TO-GPIO2 is shipping with the internal pull-ups disabled.  If the board does not have its own internal pull-ups, the DAT and CLK levels may not be switching and the USB-TO-GPIO2 will not receive a response.

    3) If that does not work, check the scan options in FUSION to make sure ID_DEVICE_ID, which FUSION uses to identify the TPS546D24, is enabled


    I am also concerned about where the contract manufacturer got the TPS546D24 devices if they were installed by mistake.  The TPS546D24 is a restricted release device and should not be easily ordered by mistake.  Please check with the CM on where they purchased the TPS546D24 devices.  If they were not purchased from TI or an authorized distributor, there may be other issues as well.

  • Using Fusion, I was able to tab into the devices with the older version of the software, however, although selected the NVRAM boot option, still seems that there are dependencies to pin strapping? should I change the  resistor values based on what pin strap diagram gives? 

    Still no access to secure site.




    To disable Pin Programming and use the stored NVM value you will need to:

    1) Set the PMBus values you want using the FUSION GUI

    2) Set the PIN_DETECT_OVERRIDE command to select NVM for the commands you want to come from NVM.

    You can force the command value to 0000h to bring all commands from NVM

    3) Write those values to hardware

    4) Store those values to NVM

    5) Either Restore the values from NVM or cycle AVIN below 2.7V to restart the IC

    At that point, you will either need to close FUSION and reopen it, or select the DEVICE menu and "Refresh all paramteters" do tell the FUSION software to read all of the values from the target device.

    Yes, the "Pin Programming" page FUSION indicates the resistors to select for the settings selecting in the pin programming page, but those settings are not copied to the device, so if you are using the pin programming tab to try and configure the part, that is likely why you are seeing it as staying with the pin programmed values, even after selecting NVM as the source.