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UCD90120: Unable to unlock flash in UCD90120RGCR

Part Number: UCD90120

I am Vigita S. a Device Support Engineer from BPM Microsystems.

I am currently working on the device UCD90120RGCR. I am able to read the device using the command FDh. 

From the "Configuration Programming of UCD Devices.pdf", I understand that before programming the data flash area, we need to unlock the flash and erase it. And the command I get from the above mentioned pdf is, BlockWrite,0x7E,0xE2,0x050400000104 followed by BlockWrite,0x7E,0xE3,0x0400008820

But after sending the "0x0400008820", I am not receiving an acknowledgement from the device after the last byte 20h is sent.
Since I don't get an ack from the device, I need to know if I am using the right command sequence to unlock the device.
Kindly advice on this.
And also, kindly provide me with the latest programming manual for this device 'UCD90120RGCR'.
  • Hi
    For UCD90120, it only supports ROM mode upgrade. Please refer the ROM mode update section in that document

  • Hi

    I am facing some problems while programming the device UCD90120RGCR.

    I understand that the device 'UCD90120RGCR' does not follow the 'Normal Mode' for programming the device. It uses 'ROM Mode' to program the flash.

    I am able to successfully put the device in ROM mode and verify if it is ROM mode. I am also able to erase the flash. But, I am not able to program the flash.

    Below are the steps I followed:
    1. Putting the device in ROM mode
    "start, send address 0x7E, write mode, verify ack, send 0xD9, verify ack, stop, delay 50ms"

    2. Verifying in ROM mode
    "start, send address 0x0B, write mode, verify ack, send 0xEC, verify ack, stop"

    "start, send address 0x0B, read mode, verify ack, read 0x04, send ack, read 0x00, send ack, read 0x02, send ack, read 0x00, send ack, read 0x02, send ack, stop"

    3. Erasing flash
    "start, send address 0x0B, write mode, verify ack, send 0xF2, verify ack, send 0x00, verify ack, stop, delay 25ms."

    I had no issues with the above steps. Next I tried programming the device after erasing the flash. But after sending the address 0x0B and putting it in write mode, I do not get acknowledgement.

    "start, send address 0x0B, write mode, "DID NOT RECEIVE ACKNOWLEDGMENT".
    The firmware version of the device is :

    Kindly advice, if I am missing something here.
  • HI

    Have your exported the data flash script(.csv) file from Fusion GUI?

    This file shall have very clear instruction for each commands.



  • Hi, Vigita,

    After step #3, try delay 250 ms or longer to make sure device completes erasing data flash. Right now, you only delay 25 ms.


    Anne Ngo

    Texas Instruments