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TPS92643-Q1: Excel calculator tool?

Part Number: TPS92643-Q1


Do we have any Excel calculator tool to do the design for TPS92643-Q1?

Thank you,


  • Hello Antonio,

    We don't have a formal spreadsheet.  Are you just looking for component values? or are you looking for power dissipation too?  


  • Hello,

    I'm only looking for component values, and also if I can save some component (space is limited on the PCB).

    The application type is lights for emergency vehicle.

    The idea in this project is to control 26 boards with 5 LEDs each.

    The TPS92643 driver will be inside each of these LED boards.

    Focusing on this board, we have 5 LEDs. Initially I want to use 3 drivers:

    • 1 driver for a string of 2 LEDs
    • 1 driver for another string of 2 LEDs
    • 1 driver for a single LED.


    The first 4 LEDs always have the same function (ie they light up at the same time).

    The 5th LED lights independently from the other 4.

    The current for each LED can be 300 or 400 mA continuous (depends on the function) or it can also be 850mA "flash" (flash means that it turns on for 200ms and turns off for 300ms, and so on, repeating the cycle).

    For each driver, and its corresponding LEDs, we need a temperature control using NTC, and "fault report" for "open led string" or for "shorted led string" conditions.

    In the end, the 3 "fault report" signals have to be combined into a single fault signal that will come out of the LED board and go to a control board.

    If the temperature control NTC network could be reduced to just one that was common for all 3 LEDs, that would be great, to reduce the total number of components on the board.

    By the way, customer managed to install the "PSPICE for TI" program, but I am not familiar with the OrCAD environment. What library is the component / model TPS92643-Q1 in? Would it be possible for you to send me the "ready to simulate" driver schematic? Or at least with the main components even if I had to connect them.


    Thanks in advance,


  • I am putting together a spreadsheet for you.  I should have it done by tomorrow. 

    -Francis Houde

  • Ok Francis, kindly waiting, thanks

  • Here is a spreadsheet.  Let me know if you have questions about it.  There are more calculations in the datasheet if needed, but this will help you select the inductor, current sense resistor, switching frequency, and output capacitance.  

    TPS92643 - Component Calculation - Min Ripple and Freq Foldback Calculator - Rev 1.xls