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TPS22976: vs TPS22966,

Part Number: TPS22976
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Hi experts ,

Customer has doubts about the difference between TPS22966 and TPS22976.

I compare the TPS22966 with the TPS22976 from basic electrical parameters, switch characteristics, packages as follows:

Electrical Characteristics Vin(V) 0.8-VBIAS 0.6-VBIAS
VBIAS(V) 2.5-5.5 2.5-5.7
Vout(V) 0-VIN 0-VIN
Imax(A) 6 6
Ron Vin5V 25℃(mΩ) 16 18
Quiescent Current(μA) 80 37
Switching Characteristics VIN = VON = VBIAS = 5V, TA = 25°C Turnon time(us) 1310 2390
Turnoff time(us) 6 3
Vout rise time(us) 1720 1770
Vout fall time(us) 2 2
ON delay time(us) 460 620
Others On Chip Load Resistor(Ω) 220 230
Package 2-mm × 3-mm 14-SON 2-mm × 3-mm 14-SON
Summary TPS22976 has advantages over TPS22966: Higher voltage range and lower quiescent current. The disadvantages are a slightly larger on-resistance and slower switching. The packages are identical and the pin definitions are identical. 

But there seems to be no significant difference.

What is the significant difference between the TPS22976, which looks like an updated version of the TPS22966?

The customer will apply to the notebook system, which chip would be more recommended, can you help explain why? 

Thank you!

Best regards,

Tommy Mao 毛晓东

Field Application Engineer Intern| TI Semi Beijing Branch

  • Hi Tommy,

    The TPS22976 is recommended. It is newer, has a lower quiescent current, has a lower Ron, wider input voltage range, is cheaper, etc... It is essentially improved in all major ways compared to the TPS22966. For a version with a faster turn-on/rise time, please see the TPS22976A in the data sheet.

    Also, I believe there is a small mistake in your table - it lists 18mOhm as TPS22976 Ron, where that is in fact the maximum instead of the typical value. It should be:

    TPS22966 Ron @ 5V, 25C: 16 typ, 19 max

    TPS22976 Ron @ 5V, 25C: 14 typ, 18 max



  • Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for your help! I will recommend TPS22976 to our customers.

    Best regards,