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TPS7A8300: EN threshold

Part Number: TPS7A8300

Hi TI experts,

How to understand the EN threshold from datasheet? Given EN sweeps from 0<->3.3V:

1. From 0V-3.3V: once EN rises above 1.1V, the LDO turns on, right?

2. From 3.3V->0V: When will LDO be turned off? Below 1.1V or has to drop to <0.5V? considering EN drops slowly enough.

3. If it's 1.1V in question #2, what's the status between 1.1V->0.5V?



  • Hi Neo,

    Yes all TPS7A83 LDOs will enable when Ven>=1.1V and they will all turn off when Ven <=0.5V. 

    Due to process variation there will be some that turn on a little lower than1.1V, and some that will turn off a little higher than 0.5V, but we ensure they will all meet those limits shown in the EC Table. 

  • Hi Kyle,

    So that means we should never provide any voltage between 0.5V and 1.1V, right? Since the state is undefined between this range?



  • Hi Neo,

    You can provide voltage in this range, however we cannot guarantee the LDO will be disabled or enabled in this voltage range.  Providing voltage in this range is unavoidable as you must turn on or off the LDO, and thus you must slew through this voltage range to do so.  The LDO will not be damaged by seeing a voltage from 0.5V to 1.1V on the EN pin.