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TPS62130A-Q1: Efficiency and Thermal Characteristics

Part Number: TPS62130A-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS62903-Q1,

Hello TI Team,

We are using TPS62130AQRGTRQ1 in our design and having following observations:

1. We are having an application of converting the 5V input to 3.3V output. The inductor value used in design is 1uH and the output capacitor used is approx 57uF. When we are loading the buck regulator with electronic load the output voltage and the efficiency of the buck reduces drastically if the output current is greater than 2A. Below are the readings from the testing:

Even after removing the efficiency of inductor, the power dissipation at 2.8A for the IC is 1.4W. We have also observed the delta of 30 degree self heating from the ambient temperature. Can you please let us know how to improve the efficiency of the buck or request you to suggest the alternate part number with the same footprint package.

2. The TPS62130AQRGTRQ1  is rated for 125degC operating temperature. However, in the datasheet it is mentioned under the recommended operating temperature that Tj value of the component should not go beyond 125degC. Can you please let us know how the ambient temperature and Junction temperature values are same?

3. In the absolute maximum ratings it is mentioned that Tj value can go upto 150degC but it will impact on the reliability of the component based on the note mentioned in the datasheet. Can you please let us know the limits for the Junction temperature with which the lifetime of the device is not getting impacted?

Your immediate response on these questions will be highly appreciated.


Khemraj Suthar

  • Hi Khemraj!

    1. For efficiency improvement, you can choose a 1.25MHZ Fsw and use a 2.2uH inductor, this could make efficiency be better. And would you mind let me know how better efficiency you want to get at least?

    2. I think Tj and the junction temp is same thing. 125oC limitation is for junction temp. For ambient temp, we only need to make sure the ambient temp+ temp delta will not exceed 125oC.

    3. For your long time stability operation, the junction temp should be controlled <= 125oC.

    Best regards


  • Hello Shuai,

    I am looking for the efficiency of >90% at 2.8A current. In our design we are using 1uH in design.


    Khemraj Suthar

  • Hello Khemraji!

    If you can't change inductor, you can only have a try with lower frequency.

    For alternate part number, we suggest to use TPS62903-Q1. We have some efficiency date from DS, with 6VIN-3.3VOUT with 1uH.It can satisfy your requirement, I also believe for 5VIN, the efficiency could be better than 6VIN.

    But it is not P2P with TPS62130A-Q1.

    I will be in CN national holiday from Sept. 29 to Oct.6, will give reply after than if you have other quesiton.