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TPS274160: use PWM to drive EN pin and the max current for each channel

Part Number: TPS274160

is TPS274160's EN Pin PWM capable? I want to use this chip for lights.

Also what is the maximum current for each output channel? The datasheet listed 1.35A but it does not specified whether it's combined or for each channel.

  • Weiwei,

    Yes, you can PWM the device. For high-side switches, mainly due to the slew-rate/switching time, the switching frequency usually maxes out at 1khz with a 50% duty cycle. Anything faster than this, we would recommend using a low-side switch for the PWM and a high-side switch for the protection features.

    The 1.35A is per channel, but for all channels on at once (each channel outputting 1.35A concurrently):

  • So if I set the current limit to 2.5A, that means I set the total load current for all channels to 2.5A? But in actual practice, would the single channel output still clamp to 1.35A?

  • Weiwei,

    If you set the current limit to 2.5A, that means each channel could hit 2.5A. If all current limits for all channels hit the current limit concurrently, that would be 10A of current going through this device. 

    Many times the current limit is set to above the steady state current to account for something like capacitance on the output. When the switch turns on, the current clamps at the higher current level until the capacitor is charged and then goes down to the non-current limit steady state.

    Best Regards,