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TPS7H2201-SEP: Critical Failure

Part Number: TPS7H2201-SEP
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TPS7H2201-SP,


We've been using the sample TPS7H2201HKR/EM on our engineering model motherboard for our data processing unit, as well as the 5692-1722001VXC as part of our flight model. Recently, one of our engineering models stopped working during normal operations and we narrowed down the problem to the load switch/efuse. The Vin shows 5V but the Vout is reading 0.4V, with a current draw of 0.071A. The readouts from the rest of the pins are seen below. 
The part is critical to the design and we need to determine the route cause of the failure. Are we able to send the malfunctioning part back to you for testing? We've built 6 units so far using this device but this has been the first failure. I've attached the schematic for the load switch circuit. 

  • Pin 1-4: 4.90V
  • Pin 5: 0V
  • Pin 6: 0.66V
  • Pin 7: 0.4V
  • Pin 9: 0V
  • Pin 10: 0V
  • Pin 11: 0V
  • Pin 12: 0V
  • Pin 13-16: 0.4V

  • Hi Marcel,

    After doing a sanity check, I don't see anything wrong with the schematic in your post. I do have a couple questions to help figure out steps to move forward.

    • The wording of your post implies that this board has been running for some time without issue, is this the case?
    • 6 other units are mentioned at the end of the post, are these using the same schematic, and are they functioning properly?
    • Was the unit exposed to environmental conditions during testing? (eg. temp, radiation, etc.)
    • Are you using the TPS7H2201-SP (Ceramic package) or the TPS7H2201-SEP (Plastic package)? The part numbers in the post do not align with the post title.

    Before sending back any possibly defective units for failure analysis, it is recommended to perform an "A-B-A" swap of the part onto a known good board. This will confirm whether the part, or board is causing the issue. A full description of the process, as well as other guidelines for the return process can be found on page 2 SPRAC01A.

    After performing the "A-B-A" swap, if the device is non-functional, a customer product return can be requested here. Make sure to select the "Failure Analysis" option to request a failure analysis.

  • Hi Andy, 

    1. Yes that is the case, it's been running since January 2023

    2. Yes, same schematic and they are functioning properly

    3. It was not

    4. Sorry for the confusing, using the TPS7H2201-SP. Specifically this was the TPS7H2201HKR/EM that isn't working. 

    Can be swap a new part onto the same board instead of the A-B-A swap? 

  • Hi Marcel,

    Yes, swapping a new part onto the same board will work to verify that the board isn't causing an issue.

    If the new part works with no issues, go ahead and submit the customer product return with a request for failure analysis.

    When removing the part from the board, ensure it is done carefully so that the part is not damaged in the removal process.

    Let me know the result of the swap and when you submit the product return, or if you have any additional questions or issues.

    Thank you,

    Andy Fondaw

  • Hi Andy, 

    Sounds good, thank you. Is it possible for TI to send a replacement TPS7H2201HKR/EM part? I submitted a sample request yesterday. 

  • Hi Marcel,

    After the device has been returned to TI, if the failure is confirmed to be due to nonconforming device, TI may offer replacement or credit at that time.

    Regarding your sample request, unfortunately TI does not broadly offer free samples for space products, but your request will be reviewed by our business team.

    Apologies for any inconvenience,

    Andy Fondaw

  • Hi Andy, 

    We replaced the part with a new one and the system works. Can you send a label for us to ship the nonconforming part?



  • Hi Marcel,

    I'm glad to hear your system is working with a new device installed.

    Please use the TI customer returns page (linked here) and fill out the form to initiate the return process. Please make sure to select "Failure analysis" so we can confirm a nonconforming device.


    Andy Fondaw

  • Thanks Andy, I submitted the form.

  • Marcel,

    Please continue to follow the customer return process for failure analysis on this device.

    I will close this thread now, but you can still respond to re-open it if needed.

    Thank You,

    Andy Fondaw