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LM5020: I wnat to know the gain of the current sense amplifier.

Part Number: LM5020


The attached picture is a block diagram of LM5020.

I want to know the current sense amplifier gain, which is the marked part.

Thank you

  • Hi Changmin,

    This is the peak current limit comparator. If the CS pin voltage exceeds 0.5V the OUT pin switches low for cycle-by-cycle current limiting.

    As you can see CS is sent to PWM comparator directly, there is no extra gain.

    Best Regards,

    Feng Ji

  • Thank you for your answer.
    I am designing a boost circuit using LM5020.
    I need to enter the Current Sense Amplifier Gain value to run the simulation.
    What value should I enter?

  • Hi Changmin,

    please use the values from the datasheet:

    Best regards,


  • Hello

    Thank you for always responding kindly.

    Let me explain the previous question in more detail.

    First of all, I'm designing a boost circuit using TI's Power Stage Designer Tool-Version 4.0.

    There are elements that must be entered in the tool for design.

    The elements are as follows.

    1. Current Sense Amplifier Gain

    2. Error Amplifier Open Loop Gain

    3. Error Amplifier Gain Bandwidth Product

    I solved the 2nd and 3rd elements by referring to the pictures and the data sheet you sent me as an answer.

    However, I am inquiring about the element number 1 because it is difficult to check in the data sheet.

    I want to know what value I should enter because element 1 has a big impact on the design.

  • Hi Changmin,

    you are right - this value can not be found in the datasheet.
    Please use a gain of 1 for this device.

    Best regards,