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BQ79616-Q1: BQ79616-q1

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I have connect the 5-6 slave board through daisy chain communication.  There is also one micro controller in each slave board which communicate with CO2 & humidity sensor through I2C communication. Also I have connect the UART port of Micro control with UART port (Pull up to CVDD) of BQ79616.  So we have received the data like cell voltage, cell temperature, BUS BAR current etc through daisy chain.

Q1. How can BQ79616 received the data of CO2 & humidity from micro controller through UART
Q2. How can BQ79616 transmit this data of CO2 & humidity to Bridge IC through daisy chain communication
Q3. How can MASTER MCU received data of CO2 & humidity from bridge IC through SPI communication

Please tell me.



Monu Gupta

  • Hi Monu,

    The BQ79616 has GPIO pins that can be configured as analog or digital input. The analog data is stored in the GPIOx_HI and GPIOx_LO. The digital GPIO reading is through the GPIO_STAT. These pins are rated for up to 5 Volts and have a recommended current draw of 5mA.

    To receive this data, the Microcontroller can issue a read command to the bridge for the BQ79616's registers listed above depending on the data you want.

    To transmit this data, the general path is:

    MCU sends command to 600 or 616 base device -> base device will send this command up the daisy chain via daisy chain communication to the top of stack -> The top of stack sends the response frame back down the daisy chain where ICs that were asked for their data will attach their responses. 

    To configure the BQ79616 for SPI, GPIO pins 4 through 7 are used. This process is described in section SPI Master.