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[FAQ] TPS25730: Replacing Proprietary Barrel Connector with USB-C Port

Part Number: TPS25730

Customers are interested in replacing their custom barrel connector with a standardized USB-C port. 

  • What are the benefits of implementing a USB-C connector?
  • Are others making a similar transition to USB-C?
  • Does TI have a solution that can make the transition to USB-C easy?
  • Barrel Connectors Compared to USB-C®

    Unlike a majority of barrel connectors, USB-C® is a standardized and regulated interface that is become common place across multiple different industries. The USB-C® connector as well as the USB-C and USB-C Power Delivery specifications are managed by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). The majority of proprietary barrel connectors do not follow a common industry wide interface, so transitioning to a standardized connector like USB-C® gives user’s the ability to take advantage of not only a common connector but a regulated interface.

    Being able to support voltages from 5 V to 48 V, USB-C Power Delivery has the ability to support a wide range of voltage options that are being used by barrel connectors today. Unlike proprietary barrel connectors, using a standardized USB-C® connector allows for users to power the product using USB-C® chargers they already have. This gives the option to remove the adapter from the bill of materials entirely, helping save on system costs. A good example of this is cell phones. With a majority of cell phones implementing the same charging interface, manufacturers no longer ship chargers with their products as a consumer likely has something to charge their product already.

    Global USB-C® Mandates

    In 2022, the European Union, India, and California have all passed legislation that requires certain portable electronics such as laptops and cell phones to charge via a USB-C port. Reason for this to help reduce the amount of e-waste and allow for a better consumer experience. Because of this legislation, the products called out in the mandate are starting to make the transition as well as products that are not specifically called out.  

    With multiple legislative initiatives that will likely continue in other regions and expand to different products, making the investment to move to USB-C is a safe decision. USB-C is being established as the common connector for the future with no replacement in sight.

    Solutions TI has to offer for transitioning from barrel connector to USB-C®

    The TPS25730 is our simplest USB-C Power Delivery controller that should make the transition from a proprietary barrel connector easy. This is a resistor configurable sink only PD controller that does not require any firmware development or external memory. Depending on the power level that you set the device to, the TPS25730 will automatically negotiate a USB-C Power Delivery contract and supply the power downstream to your system. The TPS25730 also integrates the sink power path and high voltage tolerance for the CC pins, so the only external circuitry needed are the resistors to set the configuration.

    TPS25730 Block Diagram

    Competitor Block Diagram

    Start your evaluation today by ordering the TPS25730EVM and reviewing the TPS25730 datasheet