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BQ28Z610-R1: (BQ28Z610-R1)_Inquiry regarding the issue of being unable to read some values (Serial number, Manufacture date, Part number) in battery information.

Part Number: BQ28Z610-R1

Hi, TI experts

A customer has an inquiry regarding a problem while reviewing a smart battery for a mobile computer using BQ28Z610-R1.


1) The issue arises where some values in battery information (Serial number, Manufacture date, Part number) cannot be read.

2) The reproduction phenomenon : When checking the battery information, it is displayed as 'null' as shown in the image below.

When checking the above situation, “Sealed” is displayed as shown below when checking Battery management Studio.

[Review the results]

- Case 1

- Case 2

The information is temporarily unable to be read, displaying as 'null,' but upon re-try, it is displayed correctly.

During review to analyze the cause, the following E2E was confirmed.

[Inquiry details]

Q1) Once a battery is 'Sealed,' does it always transition from 'Unsealed' to 'Sealed' whenever a reset command or power-cycle is increased as described above?

Q2) Are there other conditions that change “Unsealed -> Sealed” even if it is not the “reset command or power-cycle” condition as above?
<Currently, when rebooting the power several times, the change to “Unsealed -> Sealed” occurs intermittently as shown above>

Q3) Is there a way to maintain the 'Unsealed' state?

Q4) Is there a way to resolve intermittent cases of being unable to read battery information?

Please check. Thank you.

  • Hello,

    1- Yes, the gauge might return to sealed mode if it power cycles or a reset command is issued. The gauge is intended to operate in SEALED mode. 

    2- Probably if you are reading too fast, this can cause watch dog timers reset. Which will eventually cause a full reset.

    3- Yes, but making sure the above 1 and 2 conditions do not happen.

    4- There are some battery information that should be available in SEALED mode. Please see section 12-2 in the TRM.

    Jose Couso

  • Hi, Jose Couso
    About answer 2, “Probably if you are reading too fast, this can cause watch dog timers reset. Which will eventually cause a full reset.”

    What do you mean "reading too fast" ?
    Does it mean reading i2c clock frequency to fast?   or  accessing data flash very quickly and very frequently?

    Please check. Thank you.

  • Hi Grady,

    If you do multiple I2C reads without a delay, it is known that it can trigger a full reset. We recommend adding 100ms delay between each I2C transaction.

    There's no need to read faster than 100ms as the gauge will report values every 1 second.

    Jose Couso