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BQ51013B: Battery Charging Capabilities

Part Number: BQ51013B
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TIDA-00712, TIDA-00668, BQ51051B, BQ51050B, TIDA-00669

Hi everyone,

Can anyone suggest me PMIC which similar to BQ51013B support wireless charging QI and also have battery charging capability with battery guage option as I can not find this in BQ51013B.

Also if I mistaken that please suggest me point where I missed.

My requirements is to charge 3.7v lipo battery of 1500 mah, PMIC can power SoC upto 50 mA safer side, and have capability to charge the battery based on QI standard wirelessly.

Thankyou for your time


  • Hello Dhruvit,

    We are looking into this further and will respond by the end of the day.

    To my knowledge there is no device which will incorporate all of your needs into a single IC.


    Wyatt Keller

  • Hi Dhruvit

    We do not have one IC that will incorporate all the functions but have a couple of reference designs that show how multiple IC could be used to possibly meet your needs.

    TIDA-00712 - Smartwatch Battery Management Solution, here

    TIDA-00668 - 50ma Wireless Charger Booster Pack, here

    TIDA -00669 - 500mA Wireless Charger Booster Pack with Gauge, here

  • Hi,

    Thankyou for this suggestion here I have size constraints where I need to fit 1mcu 1 flash and 1 PMIC and 1 mems sensor in 40mm round dia round dia.

    I have found 1 bq51051b as complete package.

    Which gives qi wireless charger and battery charging capability.

    Will it be compatible for my device as my device will not be in use while charging and after charge complete it Solly work on 3.7v battery which may have output of 4.1 to 3.3 voltage rating curve while discharging.

    So will Bq5101B work here I will manage to power mcu and other 2 components by mcu inbuilt buck supply.

  • Hi 

    The BQ51051B has a couple of limitations:

    1.) It is not compatible with latest wpc standard Qi 2.0, unit will meet Qi 1.2

    2.) The charge accuracy decreases with output current, charge needs to be about 100mA and termination above 50mA. 

  • thanks for notable point 

    is that mean it will take 5 hrs to fully charge the 500mah battery ?
    this is so unfortunate that i have no option for more circuitry

    did you have any other option which can power this slightly faster and have qi capability also, with single package charging current near by 300mA is sufficient.

  • Sorry -- a little more info on point 2

    The BQ51051B is optimized for 1A charge current and will work well between 1A and 500mA charge accuracy is good.  But if charge current is set below 500mA the accuracy will decrease.  Stay above 100mA charge current and termination above 50mA.

  • Hi bill,

    Thankyou for clarifying I will take this and I think bq51051B is perfect for my application where I want all things in single package.

    I hope ti will develop latest generation qi wireless charging and battery charging ic in 1 single package in future.

    Thankyou for your hard work if I had any questions regarding this I will surely contact you.


  • hey bill,

    can i get link of referance design of this board for stable performance 

    thanks & regards

  • Take a look at TI Reference design TIDA-00669.

    This design has the BQ51050B (4.2V) but same design is used on BQ51051B (4.35V)

  • hey bill, one more thing as i am sowing schematic i cant see buck or ldo output supply pn in bq51051b is that mean i need separate buck boost converter which used to power my mcu ?

    thanks & regards

  • The BQ51051B is battery charger only.  Will need power supply after battery to power MCU and other circuits. 

    Some possible circuits are shown on TIDA-00669