TPS6521815: PMIC for powering the SiP Vatics I5S series

Part Number: TPS6521815
 Hi, I search for PMIC for Vatics SiP module I5S series. 
The Vatics part number is I5502S.
Input voltage of desired PMIC is 4.9-5.1V
Outputs of desired PMIC are total number of 5:
1.05V/1.8A max
1.2V/1.8A max
1.8V/1.8A max
3.3V/2A max
5V/2A max - for this rail I start with TPS6521815 for example using its Boost output.
But I think that its not suitable, because it have upper output limit 3.4V of its internal Buck, but I need 5V. 
And I think that it should be Buck-Boost type instead of Boost, what you think?
So, can you propose a solution of PMIC with 5V output capability?
  • Hi Krasimir,

    The 2A rails eliminate the TPS65218x family since I don't think any of the rails can support that current rating and the 5V requirement also eliminates some option we usually recommend.

    The TPS65219 has more rails than you need but it has a smaller 4mm x 4mm package size and is around the same price point (looking at 1k units price). The only issue is that it can't output 5V. You would need to add a discrete BUCK-Boost for that rail.

    Below is a list of parts that you can check to see if any of them fit your needs. I filtered the list down to try and match the above requirements. A discrete Buck-Boost  with a PMIC may be your best option here.